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Ten Things I Learned This Week


I have been gluten-free for one week now. Here is a list of the things I have learned.

1. Cooking good gluten-free food that *I* would like isn’t that hard. Certainly not as difficult as I thought it would be.

2. Glutened is a word, as in being on a gluten-free diet and then ingesting gluten.

3. There are a bagazillion people who are gluten-free, and write/blog/fb about it. I look around and suddenly feel very very inconsequential and small.

4. If you’ve had a split household (with both GF and gluten consumers), going totally GF is actually a whole lot simpler. It only took me 6.5 years to see this.

5. The GF community is fantastic, with recipes and helpful tips and personal experience. So much information!

6. There are all kinds of food allergies out there, intolerances, and sensitivities out there. Milk, casein, egg, corn, coconut, nuts…the list goes on and on. My awareness has really been raised!

7. It actually IS possible for me to live without bread! Bread, pastas, breaded foods, and basically anything with gluten. Apparently I rarely ate foods without gluten. I haven’t for a week now… No one is as shocked in my family as much as I am. (Well, actually, they are more shocked than I. They’ve seen me start a fight over the last chunk of bread in the basket at dinner before. Ah, but anyways. I digress.)

8. Cooking gluten-free doesn’t require the purchase of new dishes or bakeware (unless you have a really really good reason…like the dishes are, say, all melted or something equally as ridiculous).

9. When dishes say “not microwave or dishwasher safe,” they apparently mean it.

10. Gluten-free foods look extra pretty on brand new dishes!