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My Favorite Gluten-Free iPhone Apps

I am an iPhone addict (just ask my family). As such, it should come as no surprise that I’ve found quite a few iPhone apps that have been helpful with living gluten-free (and more not-so-helpful). Here are my favorite five.

Is That Gluten Free?
It’s a bit pricey at $7.99, but it is very very helpful. Worth every penny. You can search for GF products by brand name, category, or name, or even specific ingredients. It’s very easy to use. My favorite part? It allows me to easily access each food/product company’s access info, so I can call them directly to ask questions or verify the ingredient list hasn’t changed and is still GF. Very convenient.

Cook IT Allergy Free is a neat reference guide that has numerous recipes, and shows the items you can trade out for some of the ingredients, depending upon your diet. This one includes more than just GF info. I really like how customizable each recipe is. The recipe box where your selections are stored is also very easy to navigate. $4.99.

Paprika is perhaps my favorite cooking app. It isn’t strictly for the gluten-free diet, but it is so easy to use. You can search directly in the browser for recipes, and then with the click of a button you can save the recipe details into the app directly from the website. You can also plan a weekly menu, add items to the shopping cart, and store and organize your own recipes along with the ones you find on the Internet. $4.99.

Is That Gluten Free – Eating Out is one of the most user-friendly Eating Out guide for chain restaurants that I’ve found in an app. I like that it lists out the menu items at each restaurant that are GF, and whether or not special instructions are necessary. It is limited in scope to less than 50 restaurants, but they say they are growing that number. $3.99.

Eden Recipes is a new app recently released. It offers a variety of interesting recipes (1000+). It is very easy to use. Best of all, it’s free!

There you go. My current favorite five. And? I’m making my first blog post from my iPhone. I know, I know, no biggie. But to me, it seems fitting that this topic should be the first one blogged about from my phone. 😉