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My First Gluten-Free Beer

With all the football games today, I thought it would be a great time to test out the gluten-free beer that I’d picked up a few days ago. My first trial of a beer that is gluten-free! I’d purchased it at my first ever trip to a store called Whole Foods (which was so incredibly amazing that I can’t even wrap my head around it enough to blog about it yet).

So, back to today. I was excited to try it. I whipped up a big batch of spicy guacamole, hastily opened a bag or tortilla chips and tossed them over to my husband (upon reflection, I shouldn’t have done that), and grabbed a couple Redbridge’s from the fridge before parking on the couch in front of the game.

I had a lot a bit of trepidation – most some things I’ve tried lately that claimed to be gluten-free versions of their gluten-filled counterparts have been a disappointment in taste. Side note: Apparently my standards have been, basically, that they taste identical to my pre-GF foods. Oops. Anyways, this isn’t the case with the Redbridge beer. IT TASTES GOOD. I enjoyed it. I’m not a beer connoisseur by any means, or anything like that. I simply like an occasional beer. Particularly with my football.

As my first GF beer, ever, it definitely exceeded my expectations. It tastes… well… like beer. Which was precisely I was hoping for. I’m happy with it!

You can find info on it here.

My first gluten-free beer shall not be my last.