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Gorgeous & Flavorful Eggs


I love Pinterest. I found this gem of a simple way to create yummy hard boiled eggs on the site. The original recipe is here. I was struck with the deep color the minute I saw it…I had to try it. Gluten-free tamari sauce is a staple in my kitchen, so I already had the ingredients to do it on hand.

12 eggs (older eggs peel easier)
1 cup gluten-free tamari soy sauce (I use San-J organic low-sodium)
Two ingredients. Simple, yes?

First, place a dozen eggs in a pot and cover them with cold water.


Bring them to a boil over med-high, uncovered. Once the water starts boiling, time them to boil for ten minutes. Place a lid over the pot and remove from heat. Time for another ten minutes. Drain off the water, and roll the eggs around a bit to crack the shells.


Peel the eggs and set aside. If you can get a finger or thumb under the thin shell covering, they peel super easy – particularly if you are using older eggs.


In the same pot, bring 1 cup of the tamari sauce to a simmer. Reduce heat to medium. Add the eggs, gently. Roll them around to coat them.


Continue rolling them around as they cook. This takes a bit of patience. When much of the tamari sauce has evaporated and thickened and the eggs are a nice rich brown, gently remove them and set them out to cool.



These eggs are gorgeous to look at, and I love the flavor. I sliced some up for a pretty salad topping.