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Thank you! Awards Received

I’ve been away for a bit, due to some family events, happenings, illnesses, as well as vacations. Well, I’m back! And now, to start things off right, I have a bunch of awards to tell you about!

I’ve been nominated for quite a few awards; as a novice blogger who is new to the scene, this absolutely blows my mind! A huge THANK YOU to my lovely peers for the noms! I must confess that I wasn’t sure how to respond to them at first, since I didn’t really feel qualified to continue the threads and nominations, as I knew so little about it all. At some point during my brief leave of absence though, I realized that I needed to thank those who took the time to nominate me, and share their links. It’s the least I can do, to return the kindness of a connection that they invested into me and my little blog here.



First, I have to thank Art over at Zendictive for the nomination of the Liebster Award. I love visiting his blog; check it out! I promise that you’ll walk away with something to think or smile about. Promise.


I have a few to thank for the Versatile Blogger Award as well. A big thank you to my friends:
•Stacy at Jonesin’ After 40 – I love love love her hilarious sense of timing and humor! Really cracks me up!
•Joe at Joe’s Primal Scream – Totally enjoyable, snarky, intelligent musings about the world, with some Primal/Paleo recipes and ironic photos and thrown in. I adore his quirky writing style and his humorous take on life!
•Bianca at Glitter the Air. – A new follower; I look forward to learning more about this blogger!

I also want to thank Blue Jelly Beans
for the host of awards and the meme she nominated me for here.

I think that covers it all! Again, thanks to all! It means the world to me to have been nominated to receive these awards. Each of these awards I’ve been given have different and varied rules and responses; so by breaking the rules and not nominating or answering questions, I may have disqualified myself from receiving these awards. I hope that isn’t the case; I simply wanted to thank everyone properly, yet I’m ill-prepared at the moment than to do more than send heartfelt thank-yous. I truly appreciate the honors! I do hope that I’ve included every award from every blogger who nominated me; please let me know if I missed one.

There are so many blogs I regularly check out and read that I have missed dearly this last month; I cannot wait to catch up on them all!

I have many many favorite bloggers whom I subscribe to and enjoy; some of them are the ones who comment on my blog posts 😉 so if you’re looking for some reading recommendations, first check out those who nominated me, and then those who comment. I’m lucky to be surrounded by a really great blogger community and sweet wonderful readers!

PS I’ve missed you all so much! I’m thrilled to be back :))


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