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Tilapia, Gourmet Potatoes, & Garlic Risotto with a side of bad back

My dearest lovely readers. I realize I’ve been somewhat absent here and in my online communities the past week, except for the occasional photo post of my refrigerator contents or the facebooking references to the contest I’m in (Vote HERE and “like” me on FB here) or the random tweets (follow me here). Alas, my life has been hectic chaos lately.

By hectic, I mean sinus infections and migraines and just when I thought I was getting better, I pulled a muscle in my back that knocked me flat.

By chaos, I mean my husband has taken over most of my motherly-duties and my meds were making me loopy. Which basically meant that he did things like put the opened organic cranberry juice in the cabinet, but I no longer cared.

By loopy, I mean loopier than my normal typical self.

Alas. Bear with me here.

This is what I’ve been up to. When I wasn’t laying in flat-out agony, I mean. I pulled this meal together a few nights ago. It was quick, easy, and simple enough I could manage it right now. I’ve never loved to eat fish, but this stuff was incredible.


Yummy huh? Yes. It was.

Tilapia, gourmet potatoes, and risotto. With that side of bad back.

This was very easy. Even injured.

No, I don’t whine and complain much. Why do you ask?

I used a 28 oz package of Tasteful Selections potatoes and quartered them. I placed them in a skillet and added just enough water to not quite cover them and brought it to a boil and let cook uncovered. These are my favorite potatoes…I use the Sunrise Medley the most, and their fingerlings are wonderful as well. Delicious little things. Trust me.


I let the water boil almost entirely out. Then I added a teaspoon of kosher salt, a teaspoon of crushed black pepper, and two tablespoons of butter. I let them slightly sauté until the outside started to crisp.

Meanwhile, I prepped the garlic risotto. It was a GF box mix from Lundberg, shown here. I followed the directions on the box. Honest! Rare for me, I know.

Then. For the fish I used a recipe from a friend and made a few tweaks (I had tilapia on hand, instead of his flounder) and fried it in a heavy cast iron skillet. His original recipe is here. I basically dredged the filets in butter and then in the seasoning mix, and fried them. Click the link, check it out, and go try it!



PS. Best things about cooking with a back that is a mess? I finally have a valid excuse for not being able to load the dishwashers.


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  1. I’ve never tried that Risotto from a box so I may have to give that a taste. Your fish looks amazing!

  2. God, knows I hate being gimpy! That is what has driven my latest “Fitness” push over the “Weight Loss” push. I was sick and tired of hobbling around like an old woman. I hope you get better soon. Take very good care of youself. Ya here? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the food ideas. I have some tilapia and it is time for some fish. Even though I think I am going to make chicken soup tonight. Hot and spicy! 😀

    • Shonnie, that’s exactly it. I am okay being laid up for a day, even two…but that’s my limit. I get cranky after that;)

      I honestly don’t like fish. Or seafood actually… But I loved this fish recipe! I will definitely make it again!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Tilapia. Delicious little fish right there. Again, this recipe looks amazing and I am now hungry after reading it. Alas, I have no fish on hand. Why are you torturing me, GG? 🙂

    For payback, I will be posting my Tilapia Agrume recipe soon enough. You’ll have to look up what the word ‘agrume’ means. I do believe you might like it.

  4. Oh boy that dinner you cooked looks delicious! Sorry to hear about your migraines and sinus. I used to get migraines just horrible for years so I can really empathize. The thing that helped me the most was 800 mg ibuprofen (perscription) and Advil cold and sinus tablets and cutting out all sugar. Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve noticed stress is a major trigger for me. I’m afraid that sugar may be as well…. Aspartame definitely causes them for me. Since going gluten free I don’t have as many, but I still have them from time to time. No fun!

      Thank you for the comment! 🙂

      • GG,

        My bride, who is gluten-intolerant, cannot have anything with Aspartame either. It gives her headaches. I wonder if there is a gluten connection? Hmm. She uses Stevia and Xylitol as sweeteners, since she is convinced real natural sugar will make her chubby. When I tell her it is my cooking that will make her chubby and not sugar, she usually smacks me in the arm. Women! Yeesh! 🙂

        • I don’t know if it is related to gluten specifically, though I doubt it – I experienced the migraines when I consumed a LOT of gluten, so I kind of think it might just be a sensitivity for me. Though, it raises the possibility of a sensitivity connection – are some people more sensitive to certain things than others? Probably. I also tend to get kind of hyper when I consume added colorings, but I don’t know if that is related as well. Who knows? 🙂 Maybe it is connected.

  5. Pingback: Tilapia Agrume: Citrus-enhanced tilapia filet with an amazing pan sauce! | The Culinarian Guild

  6. Pingback: Tilapia Agrume: Tilapia filets with an amazing citrus-enhanced pan sauce! | The Culinarian Guild

  7. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and subscribing! I returned the favor. While I am here though, I have, of course, heard plenty about Gluten-Free items, but do you have a link here on your site that can explain to me why it is a good idea, why people are doing it now? I would appreciate it, I have been interested in learning for a couple of months now!

    • Hello, and thank you for stopping by my blog!
      I do not have a post about why it might be a good idea to go GF, or why people are doing it now. For me, personally, it was a host of “mystery” auto-immune health issues – I know that it is becoming more popular now, and there is a lot more awareness, education, and research available. These are all great things!
      I am gathering from your questions that you are curious about it in general. Here is a link to a recent NY Times article about the GF world.
      There are many who have celiac disease, gluten intolerances, or other medical reasons that make going GF a necessity. There are also many who try it out of curiosity. I hope that this helps you out!
      Thanks for the comment!

      • Thank you so much. Yes, I have a chronic pain disorder and I have tried all of the proactive health diets, but I haven’t tried GF yet. Thanks so much for the helpful link and I look forward to reading more here!


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