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Stocked Fridge in a Small Town


After a recent trip to the grocery store, this is what my fridge looks like.

Perfect? No. Far from perfect.

I live in a small town. My nearest Whole Foods store is 4 hours away. The nearest chain discount-type big store (that I despise and so I won’t even mention their name but it rhymes with Fall-Apart) is about an hour away. My local grocer is two minutes away.

What does this mean?

This means that I buy most of my groceries locally. I make trips occasionally to bigger stores, and once in a while to my dream grocers. Since I love cooking with less-processed foods, the local store sees me frequently.

My point? Is that it can be done. Gluten free can easily be done in a small town, even with a lack of most of the marvelous gluten free substitutes and a lack of organic produce and meats.

I frequently purchase things online. King Arthur Flour is one of my favorite places. I also am ready for spring so I can plant my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

There isn’t a lot of fresh meats in here – I am going today to go pick some up!

Anyways. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, or buy every thing in the specialty store just because it says “gluten free”. Find what you like. Visit the local store regularly to replenish your stock of fresh foods. Cook. Experiment a bit. Explore. Have fun with it!



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  1. Dear glutenvygirl,
    I am sorry that you have to spend that much time to go to the biggest stores. I am glad also that you are able to find groceries close by.
    Great article. Your fridge looks well organized!

  2. GG,

    For you, after reading your Twitter post about the migraines, the sinuses, and the back issues.


  3. LOVE it! Thanks šŸ™‚ Adore Howard Jones!

  4. I love your refrigerator. It’s so big and neat! I used to live in a small town where the only store was a fall-apart. Sigh . . . We had to drive and hour and a half for big shopping. But four hours to a Whole Foods must be some sort of record!

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