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cashew butter chocolate strawberry bites


Press cashew butter (Mmmm…cashew butter=new favorite food) into small cups. Pour melted chocolate chips into the center. Place chopped strawberries atop the chocolate. All gluten free, of course. Enjoy!

1 spoon of cashew butter for each “bite”
1 tablespoon melted GF chocolate chips for each “bite”
2 strawberries, quartered, for each “bite”


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  1. Looks too pretty to eat!

  2. I’m definitely making this one. Looks so delicious!

  3. I try really hard not to buy cashew butter because I ends up on spoons, in my mouth and thence to my hips. I simply cannot leave it alone. These sound absolutely amazing.

  4. Looks amazing! I have yet to try cashew butter, but this looks like a pretty good reason to!

  5. GG,

    Yikes! The presentation on this dish is tantalizing, wonderful, and very professional! It makes me want to lick my laptop screen.

      • GG,

        Each time I look at these photos, I wonder: What if you put the chocolate sauce on the slope of the spoon handle, so it ran into the spoon bottom? Not a lot, just a drop or two. It would give the white handle some depth.

        Just a thought. I apologize…my mind is ever considering new and different food presentation approaches. This is not meant as a slam or critique of your photos! 🙂

  6. I love the presentation of the food in the spoons! It’s creative and perfect for a party!

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