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Hilarious post. Enjoy!

Joe's Primal Scream

I am not the only one that gets a little irritable about this. There is a quiet anger seething beneath the surface of seemingly calm Americans. It’s about word/phrase/idiom abuse, misuse or even overuse. The other day I witnessed an old lady at a local shop sitting to the side, silently absorbed in her crossword puzzle. The English language for her isn’t simply a means of communication. Each time she picks up a crossword puzzle it is a sport. A linguistic and lexicographic Olympiad. It is with pride that she fills out the tiny blocks in with her palsied hands, the cumulative knowledge of decades immersed in her culture and language scrawled letter by satisfying letter.

A group of young men stopped briefly, purchasing drinks and some snacks. I would like to think it was to fill them out. For some reason all of them had a lot of trouble…

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