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glutenvygirl on the road: OKC’s Texadelphia Social Grill


A friend and I recently took a trip to Oklahoma City. I love our trips for a couple reasons. Getting to spend quality time with a sweet friend is wonderful. We always find someplace different to dine. And? We stop at Whole Foods where I spend entirely too much cash without regret.

On our most recent trip over there, we stopped in Bricktown at a gem of a restaurant called Texadelphia Social Grill. I had found it on my iPhone Urbanspoon app while she was driving, which is a huge help when you’re trying to find a decent place for a meal. It was highly recommended, and supposedly gluten free friendly. We decided to check it out.

Once there, I noticed they were still a bit busy even though it was after the lunch rush. The restaurant was very clean and well-maintained.

I navigated the menu with assistance from a helpful employee. I ordered a Gringo Burger, without bun. The employee informed me that the waffle fries are dipped in wheat flour, so those were out. They also offer tortilla chips and salsa, but the cashier quickly pointed out that they were fried in the same oil as the fries, which is helpful information. She was very knowledgable and friendly, answering my questions thoroughly.

*Side note- I love love love restaurants where the staff is educated to handle questions and concerns when dealing with customers and their food sensitivities or allergies. Our cashier also had some good GF suggestions to make, and was happy to tell me what some of their other GF patrons enjoyed. While I didn’t order exactly what she had recommended, I truly appreciate that kind of familiarity with what their customers order and want! 🙂

The Gringo Burger (I ordered it minus the bun) consisted of a beef hamburger, salsa, cheddar cheese, guacamole, and the toppings of lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and tortilla strips. Request no tortilla strips if you cannot tolerate foods fried in the same oil as wheat products. We also ordered an appetizer of queso – which was delicious!

They offered typical fountain drinks, as well as some great tea varieties – including organic peach great tea that was amazing! The menu said that they use certified Angus beef for their burgers. The menu also offers cheesesteak, chicken, soups, burritos, salads, paninis, and sandwiches.

You can find more info on their website:

Final note: we both really enjoyed our meal, and I look forward to bringing my family here next time we are in OKC. They will love this place!

Texadelphia Social Grill on Urbanspoon


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  1. Dr. Patryce A. Smith PhD

    First, yes, I love when restaurant workers are informed as to the gluten &/or wheat contents and share this information with us.
    But – healthy eating wise..not thinking a red meat burger on a plate the most appetizing choice?
    As I am going to OKC in the March for the 1st International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Health- Transforming Health Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship through OS University I am looking for spots to eat that are gluten sensitive folks.

    Will stop at this place but am hoping to have a bit more choice (healthier) for my meal. Perhaps with the suggestions from others that have been there?
    Thank you for sharing!
    Dr. Patryce A. Smith PhD

    • Well…healthy eating choice-wise, I thought it was a great choice. I love red meat. Love. (as long as there is no gluten in it).
      I posted the link to their website in my review, they have a full menu on there that you’re welcome to check out! Good luck in your search for GF options in OKC that are more palatable to you. Sage is a restaurant that I reviewed in OKC last month with a diverse GF-friendly menu as well…don’t panic or anything but I reviewed roast beef there.
      Thanks for the comment, and best of luck in your searching!

      • One chooses from a menu what one prefers to eat & I certainly understand that but the comment-atude was a bit much! Thank you for the information on Sage restaurant also. Did check out the menu page and found neat foods too.
        Just mentioned the red meat issue as one is looking for healthier ways to change diet would look more toward the new Four Food Groups..Not a vegetarian myself but always looking way to improve protein consumption!
        Again thank you


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