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Simple Speck & Asparagus 3-ingredient appetizer


I love asparagus. I love La Quercia Speck Americano. I love black pepper. And I adore simple appetizer recipes that take three ingredients, are super easy to make, and make an impressive presentation.

Break off the ends of the asparagus. Steam the asparagus. In my steamer, this takes about 12 minutes.



Wrap the bottom parts of the steamed asparagus with the speck. Dust with ground black pepper. Bake at 450 for 5-10 minutes. Arrange and serve.



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  1. YUM!!!! I also love asparagus, La Quercia Speck, and black pepper!!!!!!

  2. You like black pepper? I just did a small batch of Israeli couscous with capers, olive oil, salt, and a larger than normal amount of black pepper as a bonus offering at the NYE event I just cooked for! (Which, btw, I wrote about…)

    It had that certain ‘back-of-the-throat burn’, but it was still tasty and warm. It went really well with deep red wine.

  3. okay, I clicked the like button but I don’t eat these (grin)


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