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glutenvygirl On The Road: Texas – You Dough Girls/The Bucket


Love this place! Large salads with the ingredients prepared fresh to order, 100% juicy beef burgers, and delicious gluten-free friendly foods available as well.

Recently, we stopped in at The Bucket (also known as You Dough Girls) in the panhandle of Texas. It is one of my favorite lunch restaurants.

They have fabulous bread that they make there, which my taste buds recall very vividly from my gluten-consuming days. They also offer breakfast items, daily lunch specials, sandwiches, and more.

Salad, without croutons

I ordered a small salad (above), hold the bread and croutons, with a beef burger with cheddar (no bun). I sliced up the burger and topped my salad with it – and it was heavenly! The owner assured me that they use 100% pure beef – no fillers or additives. Their salads are chock full of a variety of veggies, and they are happy to hold any part of it that you don’t want included.

Open for breakfast and lunch Monday – Friday, they also are open for breakfast on Saturdays.

You Dough Girls Bread Shop on Urbanspoon


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