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It’s okay to wait til the last minute to buy gifts. Right?


And here is why I am waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts this year.

1. It’s easier for me to sweep up pine needles under the tree if there are no gifts there.

2. I am much more creative when I’m pressed for time and it’s the last minute. I become the perfect-gift maven. If I can’t find it, I can make it. At the last minute, like the truly talented procrastinator that I am.

3. It keeps the kids busy. Kids: “Where are the gifts hiding?” Me: “Maybe you should look under my bed, kids. And since you’re looking there, make a hand and sweep it out for me…”

4. Ample opportunities to regift. Um, so I’ve heard, I mean. If you’re into that sorta thing.

5. I’m spying craft projects on Pinterest to do for gifts. The best ideas are posted right before Christmas.

6. Last year I had all my shopping done by December 1. Guess what it got me? Nothing. Not a darn thing. Although I did have a bit of an inflated self-important air that I carried all around me. Luckily, I’m recreating that regal air of superiority by creating this list. Won’t my Facebook friends be jealous.

7. No secrets to keep! Go ahead. Ask me what I got you. Go ahead! Cause guess what?? For once in my life, I won’t tell you.
(cause I have no flipping clue)


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  1. We could just skip the whole gift thing. I have started but not close to done.

  2. Cash works. (Nice post btw)


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