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glutenvygirl On The Road: Texas’ Cattle Exchange

One of our favorite restaurants is The Cattle Exchange, located in Canadian, Texas. Known for their delicious mesquite-grilled rib eye steaks, savory BBQ, and more, they also offer online ordering of their steaks. A local favorite restaurant, their rib eye steaks rate in my opinion as the best steak to be had in the entire state of Texas. The steaks are not exactly considered “cheap” – in either quality or price; they are, however, well worth it. If you have no immediate plans to travel to the Texas Panhandle, I recommend utilizing their online ordering service for steaks.

Recently we stopped in for lunch. We ordered near the entrance, and then selected a booth to slide into. A waitress brought out our drink orders immediately and confirmed our lunch order with us. I had ordered a rib eye steak salad, with the steak cooked medium. I requested it served without croutons, so that it was gluten-free.

The steak salad was brought out exactly as I had ordered it.  The plate was piled with sliced cucumber, carrots, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, shredded cheese, a side of salad dressing, and topped with a generous portion of freshly cooked and sliced steak. The steak salad was delicious! Warm steak served over crisp fresh colorful veggies…a perfect steak salad.

Add this place to my list of highly recommended restaurants that are gluten-free friendly.

Cattle Exchange on Urbanspoon


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