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Easy Taco Meatloaf: Allergy-friendly!


My son absolutely loves meatloaf. My other son hates meatloaf but loves tacos. Meanwhile, my husband eats almost anything. So, one night I threw this together, in my attempt to create something everyone will eat. It was far quicker than my normal Italian-style meatloaf, but really surprisingly good. This recipe might not win any creative awards, but it certainly garnered rave reviews from everyone at my table. I love it when this happens!

I started with these simple ingredients:


I combined:
1 T salt
1 T cumin
1 T chili powder
1 T paprika
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/8 C chopped red onion
1/4 C water

I stirred all of this together in a medium sized bowl. Then, into the bowl I crumbled:

1 1/2 lbs hamburger (I used 85/15)

I mixed it together loosely, incorporating the mix into the hamburger without over-mixing.

I pressed the hamburger mixture into a prepared loaf pan, and then spread ketchup over it for the topping.

Baking for an hour at 400*, it came out very moist and flavorful.

The baking time takes an hour, but the prep time is less than 5 minutes. after placing the meatloaf into the oven, I threw together a tossed salad and some veggies, and dinner was practically effortless.

Note: A package of Taco Seasoning could be used if you don’t have all the seasonings on hand, adding the onion and garlic. Depending on the brand you choose, it might affect the dish’s status of gluten-free etc. Check the labels.

This easy meatloaf is gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, corn-free, and can even be tomato-free if you skip the ketchup topping. My meatloaf-hater found it delicious enough for seconds!


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  1. I know what I am having for dinner now!

  2. GG,

    Nice catch on the taco-seasoning packets. Some of them do use wheat lour as their base, and others use cornstarch. Obviously, big difference. Like you said: Check the labels.

    Meatloaf is so under-appreciated. It all comes down to making one that defies the norm, and your taco version here is pretty sweet.

    Hey, by the way, I really like this blog template so much better than the other one. Nicely done!

    • Yeah, I learned the hard way about taco seasoning…then one day I was out and realized it is simple to make your own.

      Thanks re: the template! It is making me mad, though. I cannot figure it out yet…but I am trying. Ugh. Widgets?!? My eyes are glossing over.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Sounds good! What about adding taco sauce or salsa to the top instead of ketchup? My son can’t have tomato products or we’d try it with salsa let you know. Instead we’ll try the above recipe, but without the ketchup like you recommended on my blog. Thanks!

    Hey, let me know if you want to join my blog hop,


    • That sounds great! Does your son like peppers? I wonder if you could even top it with canned green chiles, or green chile sauce. The mild kind isn’t too spicy – or maybe you could make your own?
      I would love to join! Thanks so much!

  4. GG,

    Hey, I can help. Widgets are no worries. I am down with most of the WordPress stuff, so if you need help or have questions, you know my email!

    Also, I put YOUR Urbanspoon widget onto my blog for advertising and to show people you have a very solid blog. You got a good thing going, GG. 🙂


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