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My Gluten-Free Progress Report: Month 1


On December 12, it will have been an entire month of going gluten-free.

What I’ve noticed: in general, I feel much better overall. My energy levels seem to be nudging up. This is excellent. My joint pain has become virtually non-existent. The auto-immune issue I had been having with my eyes (specifically, my tear ducts) has all but disappeared.

The exceptions to the rule: I messed up, as well. I had a beer or two (this was before I’d happened upon the fact that GF beer exists, yay!) one evening, and the next morning I woke absolutely ill. I felt like I had months ago. Pain. Aches. Headache. The inability to think very clear. Also, my sinuses were so inflamed that my whole face ached. I thought it may have been due to the gluten, but it may have also been due to the beer itself.

So, not long after, I had a cheeseburger at a fast food place. The results were almost identical. Except this time, I had stomach pain as well thrown in there.

Maybe it’s the gluten. It appears that way. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I don’t know. But it was miserable enough to cement my desire to only consume gluten-free products. I simply feel much better without gluten. It saddens me to admit this, honestly. I had secretly been hoping that the GF diet would do nothing and that consuming gluten wouldn’t affect me negatively. I didn’t realize that it could affect me so severely after just a few weeks of being gluten-free.

It also helps me to realize that all of my life I’ve consumed gluten at virtually every meal…but it was only relatively recently that I’ve started experiencing noticeable unexplained health issues. Going gluten-free for a few weeks makes it really seem like I’m onto something here, with regards to my health.

I also never imagined that I’d be one of those people. You know. The ones who are picky about what they eat, how it’s prepared, and what comes into contact with it. But here I am.

On a side note. A friend and I have been researching the Paleo diet and Primal Blueprint diet. I find it highly intriguing, and plan to incorporate more of it into my eating plan.

To review: last month I started the gluten-free diet, started a facebook page, had a bit of a week one meltdown, posted a cornbread recipe that got published in a local newspaper, still haven’t figured out my twitter account, tried my first gluten-free beer, got some great recommendations from a fellow blogger (thanks, Mr PC!), found a neat restaurant, and started looking into Paleo. Quite a month, if I do say so myself! I’ve learned a lot!

This last year in particular has been very rough for me, health-wise. I’m looking forward to trying out more things that may help me. It’s becoming apparent that gluten-free is the new way of life for me. I’m glad I have done it. Month One was, all in all, a resounding success in my book.


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  1. “I also never imagined that I’d be one of those people. You know. The ones who are picky about what they eat, how it’s prepared, and what comes into contact with it. But here I am.”

    You go, girl!

  2. You raptly caught my attention with the first paragraph here! In dealing with RA, HIV, and now, recently, Retinitis, I am wondering if I might also benefit from the journey you are on.

    I’m certainly looking into it! And since I don’t drink, I won’t even miss the beer! You’ll have to have an extra for me…

    And roasted garlic… You’re a gal after my own heart…

  3. GG, your experience very closely mimics my friend’s. She also hoped that being GF wouldn’t be as dramatic as it has been. And beer was one of her first downfalls as well. If you come up with some favorite recipes, drop me a note I’d love to link to them…give people as many GF options as I can. – TaMara

    • I would love to! Thanks so much.
      Dramatic is a good word for it – thanks for stopping by. I feel like I am just learning as I go, so hopefully soon I will have a decent stash of great recipes and reviews!


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