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glutenvygirl On the Road: Oklahoma City’s Sage Gourmet Cafe & Market


Organic roast beef and cheddar with veggies (without bread), and potato salad

So, a friend and I found ourselves in downtown Oklahoma City today. We were trying to find a decent place for a quick lunch. So, as Holly deftly navigated through the traffic, ridiculous construction, past idiotic drivers, and down one-way Bricktown streets (the right way, I might add), I browsed Urban Spoon for a good place for a gluten-free meal.

I found one that looked promising, and upon further inspection I was impressed with the menu and the apparent awareness of gluten-free fare.

So, we tried it. Located in the Deep Deuce historic jazz neighborhood just north of Bricktown, it was relatively easy to find. The waitress was familiar with gluten-free items and didn’t look at me like I was requesting anything unusual for wanting a gluten-free meal. During dining, we learned that the location had only been open a couple weeks.

The ingredients were very fresh, the dishes were nicely prepared, and the presentation was eye-pleasing.

Next time, I want to try the salt bar. I’m intrigued.

Check out their menu! You can find their info and menus at

Sage on Urbanspoon


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  1. What!? You mean gluten-free can be….wait for it….tasty? Oh my. I do believe I am having a case of the vapors! *fanning myself* Someone fetch me a mint julep.

    That potato salad looked tempting.

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