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Great Gift Ideas for Those Who Are Gluten-Free

Feeling a bit under the weather today, I decided that instead of spending the day baking as I had originally planned, I would instead spent the morning browsing the internet for great gluten-free gift ideas. Okay, okay, so actually I was really shopping for myself, and realized that I could share my finds in the hopes it might help someone else out there searching for a great GF gift. Here is a selection of what I LOVE (I mean, what THEY might love).

First of all. If you are gluten-free, and know how to cook and bake GF, then by all means I think it is a fantastic idea to make homemade holiday treats as a personalized gift, if you wish to and you have the time. Who doesn’t love that? If, on the other hand, you are only vaguely familiar with what gluten-free is, then these gift ideas are for you. Let me tell you, there is nothing like seeing my kiddo front-teeth deep into a “gluten-free” confection…when the gift-giver mentions that she “only” used white (gluten-containing) flour to dust the pan they were baked in. Cross-contamination is a hard thing to watch for, particularly when prepared by someone who uses a lot of gluten-containing ingredients. Was the baking sheet free from any flour residue the dishwasher missed? Was the KitchenAid mixer dough fork happily stirring up Grandma’s prized recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough immediately before it was used to stir that little batch of gluten-free dough?

Not that I am trying to scare you out of creating something gluten-free for your loved ones or anything.

NO, REALLY. If you know what you are doing, and are familiar with proper sanitary and safety measures for all things gluten-free, and you want to do it, then do it. By all means. Enjoy it!


The following are a few quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive gift ideas. Take your pick! Or, get them all, if you are feeling exquisitely generous this holiday season. 😉

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Gift is a basic baking kit. It includes one mix for GF bread (my all-time favorite easy GF bread mix), a GF flour blend, a cool silicone spatula thingy, and a tall bread loaf pan (that I must get asap). The taller pan is ideal for GF loaves, that need more support as they rise and bake. Made in the USA, $39.95 plus tax and s/h.

pretty egg tray and a great GF deviled egg recipe from Gluten Free Easily printed up on a nice recipe card and all packaged up together would make a great affordable gift. $16.95 plus tax and s/h.

My current favorite GF cookbook is Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free by Karen Morgan. Choose hardcover, Kindle, or Apple Store (the way I am devouring it currently). Around $10-12 electronically, up to around $16 hardcover on Amazon – plus tax, s/h.

Gluten Free Bakers Bundle is an assortment of flours from Bob’s Red Mill. All-Purpose, Brown Rice, White Rice, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, and Sorghum Flour. Perfect for someone who does a lot of GF baking. $31.61 plus tax and s/h.

Have someone on your list who loves spicier foods and flavors? Check out these gluten-free products from The Carolina Sauce Company. Ranging in price from about $4 up to $11 (plus…you know), you could select a nice variety of seasonings and hot sauces to create the perfect spicy gift basket.

Finally, the eternal “cop-out” gift – AKA the gift where one size fits all…gift cards. I personally think that going the gift card route is a fine way to go, particularly for those last-minute gifts. P.F.Chang’s or On The Border both have the options to order actual gift cards or to select eGift cards. Cost: Variable.

Good luck! And have fun shopping for the gluten-free folks in your world!


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  1. What a great gift round-up idea! I’d say you spent your day well, but so sorry you were under the weather. Thanks so much for linking to my deviled egg recipe! 🙂 I have to say that deviled egg tray from Rachael Ray is wild looking. LOL

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks so much! And yes…it is different. Particularly since you have to prep the deviled eggs so they stand up! I just think it is, in the words of my grandmother, “snazzy”! 🙂 And I love your GF deviled egg recipe!


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